Mission & Values

CCSC Mission Statement

The Children's Center of the Stanford Community is a cooperative effort by Stanford families and Center staff to raise happy, healthy, compassionate and socially confident children who are prepared for challenges beyond the security of the Center.

CCSC Values Statement

The Children's Center of the Stanford Community (CCSC) brings together families and staff with a wide range of backgrounds, perspectives, and philosophies. At the core of this enterprise is an important relationship with Stanford University which provides CCSC support and goodwill. The Center adheres to a set of values that influence decision-making at all levels, from governance to operational management to everyday classroom activities. This statement reflects our commitment to these values and provides a set of principles to guide CCSC.

Life-Changing Community

We are a community of educators and families joined by our commitment to children. The interactions of children, parents, and educators are rooted in respect, in relationship and collaboration. Drawn from various corners of the world, we celebrate our diversity and seek to enrich our community with our differences.

A Parent Cooperative

As a cooperative, educators and parents are partners in the experiences of children. Through dynamic relationships, parents deepen their insights into a child’s development, while the curriculum is enriched by teachers response to immersion in new cultures and family systems. In our cooperative there is a special sense of belonging to a classroom community which strengthens our connection to each other and to the greater world.

Child-Centered Learning

Our play-based curriculum allows learning to emerge naturally by encouraging the children's sense of wonder to guide their explorations. We support children to investigate their curiosities and to discover truths through trial and risk-taking.

Teachers as Researchers

Our educators are professional and reflective life-long learners. We value observation and documentation as key to understanding children’s curiosities more deeply and use this insight to inform small group work, spaces and explorations. We strive to become better researchers alongside our child researchers.

A Safe Place for Children

We provide a safe place for children to experience the multitude of emotions - enabling them to fully experience their feelings and deepen their understanding of self and others. A supportive environment allows children to trust that they have a place to be vulnerable and still remain safe.

Social Responsibility

Educators embrace the importance of nurturing children’s empathy, seeing would-be mistakes or potential disagreements as opportunities for growth. Children learn that their choices have an impact on others and in the world.