COVID-19 Operational Updates

Updated COVID-19 Guidelines & Policies

COVID-19 Safety Plan

The health and safety of the CCSC community members is always our utmost priority.  Please refer to the guidelines and policies provided in this page, and a more detailed one in our new COVID Safety Plan Guide.  We are in the process of updating this Safety Plan to align with CDPH's new guidelines.

CCSC COVID-19 Safety Plan Fall 2022.pdf

Isolation & Quarantine Guidelines

The health and safety of our children and staff is our priority.  Please refer to CDPH's Guidance on Isolation and Quarantine of the General Public if you or any household member has tested positive for COVID-19, or has been a close contact with someone who tested positive for COVID-19.

Isolation Guidelines

Isolation is when you are sick or when you have been infected with the virus (even if you don't have symptoms).  Children, household members or CCSC staff with COVID-19 symptoms, regardless of vaccination status or previous infection, should:

Quarantine Guidelines

Quarantine is when you might have been exposed to the virus and may or may not be infected.  Children, household members or CCSC staff who might have been exposed to the virus and may or may not be infected, should follow the guidelines provided below.

Updated 5/30/2023

Negative COVID Test Portal

If a COVID test is required to come back to CCSC, a proof of a negative COVID test result must be uploaded through the portal below and presented to your child's classroom staff at drop-off. 

Travel Policy

Travel is one of the COVID policies about which parents most frequently have questions.  CCSC's guidelines do not prohibit families or staff from traveling.  CCSC expects families and staff to follow these travel guidelines when returning to CCSC.

Traveling Within the US (Domestic Travel)

Traveling Outside the of the US (International Travel)

Updated 9/27/2022

Updated COVID-19 Policies 

Masks/Face Coverings 

Circumstances when masking will be required:

Updated 9/27/2022

Illness Policy

ALL community members must conduct a daily health check before coming to CCSC.  Should you or your child have any of the following symptoms, we ask you to remain out and notify CCSC.  Please refer to our Quarantine and Isolation Guidance for steps to take.  A medical clearance from your child's physician may be required for your child to return to CCSC.

Other Illnesses

Below are other illnesses that may require your child to stay home.  If confirmed that symptoms are not COVID-related:

Children and staff may come back to CCSC when:

If your child was exposed to any highly contagious illnesses (such as chicken pox, measles, lice, strep throat, stomach bug, etc.), please inform the classroom teachers immediately.

Updated 4/20/2022

Children's Proof of Vaccination

Please upload your child's proof of COVID vaccination through the portal below.  Only upload once all doses are completed (Pfizer-3 doses, Moderna-2 doses).

Updates for Winter Closure 2022


All persons 2 years and older are required to wear masks indoors at CCSC starting Tuesday, January 3 - 13, 2022 (10 days).  At CCSC this includes all staff, coopers, and outside visitors.  Exceptions to this policy include:

We require that those who travel and return to the center after January 3, begin their 10-day masking on day 1 of their return to the center. 

Negative COVID-19 Test

All child care operators will also require a negative COVID-test result in order to return.  At CCSC we ask you to upload your negative test result HERE and be prepared to show your negative test results to your teachers.  Tests must be taken no more than 24 hours before returning to CCSC, but the morning of is preferred. 

News of positive test results in your household or when school resumes, should be sent to this group email: (Hope, Ashley, Rachel, Tessa and Susan) and one of us will respond with instructions for quarantine, isolation and/or masking.  We will continue to observe CCSC’s Illness Policy for other non-Covid related illnesses. 

Another Social Story: A Story About Face Masks and Why We Wear Them

This is a social story that a team of teachers wrote with the inspiration from BKP children through classroom interactions and through Zoom.  Wearing a face mask is now required whenever we are around other people.  Through the creation of this social story we hope to support children as they experience this new reality.  The children's thoughts, ideas, words, and drawings in our story illustrate their understanding of this important topic.